This page will have some snippets of
old and possibly a few original pictures
and or graphs.
From late 1980's to mid 1990's
If I can find them, some original
field notes and sketches.
Most but not all of the above equipment was lost, stolen or destroyed in the massive vandalism events.
My home was broken into three (3) separate occasions within a short time.
Not much was taken, just the equipment and lots of destruction to the house. I am including the paper
A Brief Skirmish with the 'HUM', below.
That will give a better summation of life  and the 'HUM'
A Brief Skirmish with The 'HUM'

I hope that this small amount of information I am about to write down will go a long way in clearing up several items.

1.        It has not been a fun project.
I have been laughed at, called crazy, threatened, my home was broken into 3 times. My car brakes were drained of fluid. A lot of things
are missing. I have been called at all hours of the night to be told I do not know what I am doing. Real nut cases have tried to get me to
say the 'HUM' is this or that, under no certain terms. Flying saucer, black suits, black helicopters, black airplanes, conspiracy types all
have darkened my door. My family thought I was a nut case. My own father offered to pay for my head to be examined. My co workers
would ask me often, 'How are the crazies'? It is real exciting to see your project come on the 6 PM and 10 PM news, and the news staff
laugh all the way through the spot.

2.        About me being the only one to record the Anomaly.
Early on in the research, possibly 2 years into it. Sandia Base, in Albuquerque was asked to look into the 'problem'. A representative,
from Sandia Base came over to my home. Sat in my kitchen and drank my coffee while we talked over the work. Which I had
accomplished. I made it very clear to him at that time that no audio was involved. It was not vibrations either. I had developed a magnetic
flux receiver and had already accomplished a crude recording of the 'HUM. I showed him a prototype transducer.

(The actual working transducer was outside buried in the earth. Where it still sits today. When we moved I was not going to dig it up. I
pulled the control cable from the ground and it is buried there now forever).

The only thing the prototype needed to become operational was the preamp and the flux converting coil around the outside of it. He
wanted to know if I had a recording of the anomaly, so he could at least hear what it was they are looking for. I did and I put the tape on
for him. As many people who hear the recorded 'HUM' do. He looked surprised, look at me and said, 'I have heard this before'. After
about an hour he left. The next thing I know, all of the researchers are going to build a large super sensitive Audio receiver to search for
the Anomalies. You can read all about it on the WEB. Everything about the research is on the WEB.
They never recorded the 'HUM'
because they never intended to.
As far as I can tell.

3.        So you tell me. MY opinion is:
I think that the E.L.F. projects, which are government sponsored, are being protected. All of the appointed research was done by guess
what, government contract supported origination's. A typical Fox watching the Hen house scenario.

I my self
DO NOT feel that the E.L.F. projects are at fault for the 'HUM'. As the 'HUM' seems to have been in place long before E.L.F.

I Do FEEL that the E.L.F. does contribute to the anomalies. Specially for those people who live near those antenna.

It is my feeling that the 'HUM' is electromagnetic in nature. I get the feeling it is as if two large magnetic fields are in a breaking torque with
one another. Much like the sound of a large electric motor using reverse fields to slow down or stop.

That is my opinion, not necessarily what it is. You can have your own opinion, I hope you do.

4. Currently
I watch just recently as a man here in Albuquerque, started to complain about 'HUMMING' sounds. It was as if a whole new thing had been
discovered. Hit the paper, hit the news, and everyone was interested for about 2 day's. Then ................nothing.

A small comment in the paper that Sandia Labs would send a team out to investigate. I was amused that they seemed to have forgotten
about the 2 or more years of research and headline news only 10 years earlier. I never heard of any results.

So while this man wonders about his sanity, has his hearing checked over and over, and continues to look for a motor or engine running
someplace he will never find. We all forget and go our way.

Here is the data, recorded from 1989 to 1995. You look it over and compare your notes with those of ten and up to 25 years ago. It is the
same today as then.

5.  Too many problems.
As a note. Most of my recordings vanished after a break-in at my home. I came home and found the door, door frame, with door still
locked in the frame lying in my front room. All the dresser drawers were emptied out into a large pile in the middle of the room. All the
drawers were stacked in the room against a wall. Most of our video tapes were gone, along with the VCR. However, the portable TV and
other quick turn around quick sell items were still in the house. I later found out that the cassette tape recorder I used to tape the
research sessions was gone. It had been modified to record directly to tape any magnetism that came to it. No bias. Modified electronics.
Most of my recorded Video sessions were gone too. I have only a few left as they were at another location at that time. The only audio
tapes to survive were the ones I had loaned out or that were at other locations.

Two of the three original transducer units was destroyed or lost during the move or break ins. One is still buried deep in the ground at
the old place. The electronics I built for the transducers was thrown away. The transducers and electronics were developed as a matched
unit. One would not work without the other part in place. Something about impedance. It took a long time to make those things.

6. For now and the future
I became interested in looking back into the 'HUM' after the little event here in Albuquerque several months back. I put together a quick
unit and I show the Anomalies to be very active here in Albuquerque. The quick system is not good enough for proper research.

If not, then I guess that every so few years. Someone, someplace,  will hear a 'HUM' or 'HUMMING'. Then everyone will stand in open
mouthed amazement for a day or two.  Shoot, it might get real big and last a week or maybe a month.

Then ..........  nothing.

Just another crazy person, sign of the times I guess.

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