This site contain pictures, video, audio and other elements of the HUM research.

Research period of historical information is 1989 to 2004.

If you hear or you suspect you hear the HUM. There is no cure for what you have.

There are many causes in the environment for hum production. Motors, fans, industry, research, high and low pressure
lines, communications, etc.

The HUM research does not involve any of those causes. The HUM is Electric-Magnetic in structure. It is not acoustic.

The HUM is louder in quiet environments such as a closed automobile, closets, small rooms, caves, bathrooms, etc.
The HUM is loud near running streams, lakes and bodies of water.
Thunder storms and approaching  barometric changes results in increased HUM activity.

Location does not matter in the perception of the HUM. The HUM may be masked by other sounds nearby.

I do not deal with HUM forums. Most of the forum information is incorrect and hostile to true hum suffering
individuals. With many leading others to agendas or assumptions not in line with research.

The HUM may be in one ear then the other or both at any one moment. One ear, right or left may be more
sensitive to HUM components than the other. Several individuals in any one household or group may hear
the HUM in differing ears at any one moment than other individuals in the same area.

If you are hearing the HUM. You are encouraged to form your own opinion.
Please use facts to form your basis of opinion.

Feel free to contact me if you have concerns or questions.
Exposure to HUM and or HUM components has lead to a permanent perception of the HUM.
Use caution when listening to or viewing HUM components.
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