Something goes bump in the night.
A vehicle sitting at idle someplace, just running and running.
An air leak or water leak someplace.
An appliance is making a humming sound.
You hear a power transformer.
Bees swarming around close by.
It is in one ear, no, now the other, one side then both.  Or was it?
You can not sleep, restless, wake at all hours, you hear that idling motor someplace.
Hard to find rest.
Short tempered, not your self, back of your head aches, feel stiff or tired.
Do you find your self asking others, "What is that noise".
Do you find yourself looking for that 'leak or idling motor', but you can not locate it.
You go the  mountains or lake, worse yet, a stream only to find the noise louder?
Can not find that smooth rippling noise, that suddenly turns to a roar and then, it is gone.
Have you lost your balance and start to sway or fall. Then notice that the noise is gone?
You can tell an approaching storm, because the intensity of the 'HUM' is louder?
Then relax, you are not going crazy
In fact you are probably just the opposite, perhaps you are to sane.
You belong to a small but growing number of people who hear the anomaly know as the 'HUM'.

You will find no cure or items reported to cure the HUM on these pages.
There is no cure for the HUM.

Here are some interesting things about the 'HUM'.

Hard of hearing and deaf persons hear and react to the 'HUM'.

The 'HUM' is a very complex, modulated with sub modulations.

The 'HUM' is not sound.

The 'HUM' is not vibrations.

No recorders, digital, analog, accelerometers, vibrations monitors will pick up the anomaly.

Animals show reaction during periods of high 'HUM' activity.

This is a real oddity

When the recorded 'HUM' anomaly components are played back to a test subject.
The subject of the test is immediately sensitised to the 'HUM'.
This results in the subject hearing the 'HUM' and being sensitised to it from that point on.
Several 'subjects' now curse  the day they wanted to hear the 'HUM'.
Studies of large groups, show antagonistic attitudes during high 'HUM' peak activity.
Some people feel vibrations in the structures and surrounding landscapes.
Some report seeing, lights, flashes of light, shadows, and other visuals  during high 'HUM' activity.

The list goes on and on.


If you think you are or you are hearing the 'HUM'

Have your hearing checked to make sure you are not having physical problems as Thyroid or High Blood Pressure.

Trouble Sleeping
Waking up at night or unable to rest.

I helped to solve the problem by placing a 30 gallon fish tank in the bed room. The bubbler's mask the constant droning of the 'hum'.

Others place a radio in the room next to the bed, or a speaker under their pillow.
Loud windup ticking clocks help.

Sound generation machines such as forest sounds or mountain streams help.


I have found that during a heavy snow or thunder storm. The 'HUM' seems to come from all directions.

It has such intensity that there is no escape. It is very troublesome during this time for many hearers.


First and foremost


If you do, you will only antagonize those agencies and alienate yourself.

Making it very difficult to get any help from any place.

Do not forget that  not everyone hears  the 'HUM'.

Be careful who you complain or speak with about the  'HUM' as not everyone has your best interest in mind.



Item of interest.

In the mid to late 1980's when I first became involved with the 'HUM'. The original 'HUM' was much more wild in nature.
It also manifested its self in what seemed to be certain areas. Also the original area of complaint was a small four (4)
square block area in a very quiet neighborhood. The first several months of complaints were from only three (3) people
all living in the same home. After about six (6) months, many more in the neighborhood began to complain. Soon the
entire SE, part of Albuquerque was involved. With in the next year, all of Albuquerque was involved one way or another.
During this time, we had already used, tested and researched with every type of equipment one could acquire off the
shelf. Audio, video, radio, all wave lengths, FM, AM, Side Band,  UHF, VHF, Ultra Sonics, Sub Sonics, Vibrations,
Accelerometers, and all equipment we could locate for any possible cause. With no effect.

With the phenomena growing and now showing up in Santa Fe, Laguna, Los Lunas, Belen, and other small towns
in ever growing distance from the epicenter of the original four (4) blocks in Albuquerque. Soon Taos became engulfed
in the 'HUM'. The very vocal Taos residents brought national attention to the 'HUM'. Then after much complaining,
from all involved. The government became involved, promptly could prove nothing one way or another and the
whole thing was dropped. It did not go away, the 'HUM' that is. The research was dropped, and slowly put to death
in a quiet manner. Still the 'HUM' persist and is now bothering many more than it did. Those who complain get an
informal visit from someone. Who will or will not ask a few questions, run a few test, and then just go away. Never
answering the questions asked from the 'HUM' hearer.

A word of warning.

Do not include government agencies in your quest for looking for the 'HUM'.
The Federal Government, is not directly responsible for the cause of the "HUM".
However, their research, operational and test facilities are close to some of the reported
'HUM' signatures. Those people living close to US  Government communications and test
facilities may be and possibly are sensitive to the frequencies generated by those facilities.

You may be hearing the frequencies generated by the US. Government facilities.
If you are close enough or in the directional field of wave propagations. These frequencies combined
with the 'HUM' signatures will be very obnoxious.

If you include the Government in your complaints. You will not find satisfaction in your quest.
Be careful about inviting the FOX to watch the chicken  house. Catch my drift?
Most Universities receive Government grants. If they get involved you will find no answer to the 'HUM'.
Your state agencies also receive Government grants and support. They will be no help.
Many independent research labs, get Government money. No help there either.
Since the 'HUM' is complicated, and tied to the Government, directly or not.

You will find it hard to get any answers from any place. Be careful who you ask and what you
ask for. As there are many snake oil salesman ready to sell to you. Items for sale to help you
through the 'HUM', they include. Crystals, Black boxes, Feedback conditioners, Bio feedback,
Electronic gadgets, Mysterious powders, Wrist bands, Magnets, Shields, Helmets, Pendants of
various Minerals and Components. Just say no to any item offered for sale to stop the 'HUM'.
Don't waste your money on them.

If you want to throw away your money, send it to me, I will waste for you.

If  you want information of the 'HUM'. Let me know. You may not like the answer. You may not accept the answer.  
It does not matter.  I have lived with and do hear the 'HUM' for over 30 years. I have researched, thousands of feet
into the ground in tunnels and caves,  thousands of feet above the sea level, and all over the South Western US.

While Sandia Labs, University of New Mexico, Phillips Labs and other linked agencies
in the early 1990's research the 'TAOS HUM'. Spending only a few thousand dollars on
research, duplicating surveys, duplication of other research already accomplished and
proven by others. Decided  to research the phenomena with a large acoustic microphone.
Knowing full well that acoustics, sound, vibrations, etc, are not the source.

Meanwhile, I had invested  my own money, time (two years) and life to produce one
sensor(the first one), and support electronics to record and prove the 'HUM'.

Many asked why the research teams did not record the 'HUM'.
I can tell you that they never intended to record the 'HUM'. Based only
on the choice to use a large microphone to do their research with.

Did they know, you ask?

Yes, a Sandia Lab engineer sat in my kitchen, before they started to do their research. He drank
my coffee, we discussed the prototype transducer, I showed to him. Unfinished it was, but I
had a working unit buried deep in the ground out side pulling in data. He listened to the recording
of the 'HUM' I had managed to pull from the data flow.

He left, and the next thing I know, they are researching the 'TAOS HUM' with an acoustic microphone.

So you tell me..............
What do you think?

You still want to complain.

Then prepare for some or all of the following.

Your home may be broken into.
Mine was three times, strange that the TV, Microwave, and Video Games were not taken.  Just all the
cabinets were emptied out, drawers dumped into the middle of the floor, then stacked neatly along the
wall in a row. Cash left too. What was taken?

My modified recorder I use to record the 'HUM' phenomena was gone. The guns were taken too, so I
could not shoot the butt licks when I find them. Each time the home was broken into, the vandalism
to the home was worse. Most of all my tape recordings  of the 'HUM' ended up missing. Both audio and video.
I still have a few tapes left, but the greater part are gone.
They could not find the transducers for data capture.

Phone calls.
I had many phone calls at all hours. Sometimes just a voice telling me I did not know what I was doing. Sometimes
just a person telling me how stupid I was. UFO, MEN in BLACK, conspiracy groups, you name it. We did not have
Caller ID back then. Nor did we have call trace available.  So calls may not be a problem now.

Car problems.
My brakes were drained of the brake fluid in them. It did not leak out, it was gone. I backed out of the drive
way to go to work, but the car did not stop. I could find no leak, the mechanics could find no leaks. Filled up
the reservoir with new brake fluid, bled the breaks. NO problem with them for the last ten years now. Strange.

Being followed.
If you make to much noise you will be followed.

Feeling that someone is in your home.
When you get home form work, or shopping. You may get the distinct feel that someone has been in your home.

Phone clicks.
You complain to much and you will get clicks on your phone during calls.

You will be labeled a 'NUT'
You will become labeled a nut case by those who do not hear the 'HUM'. Including those in your own household.
You may end up on Radio, TV, or in the News paper.  You most certainly will end up in the News someplace.
Unless you are ready for ridicule, and shunned by those around you. Be very careful on how you report the problem.

Data prints......................


Audio/Video link.............

Hum Instrumentation and reference materials.

I hold all copyright to my material. The graphs, synthetic ‘HUM’, actual ‘HUM’ recordings. The ‘HUM’ signs, and letters. All
Video and audio recordings. ‘HUM’ data, data disk and ‘HUM’ information.

The electronics design, structure and layout. Systems are proprietary in nature of use and data collection.

All data tapes, including those which were removed during break-in, belong to James Garner/ Lenae / Dustin James

The ‘HUM’ audio test, if included or not, is copyright. Test tones, questions and resultant answers belong to James Garner/
Lenae /  Dustin James productions.
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