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                                                      The Exorcism of Amy

Fall of 2005. After moving into their first home. A couple with their two children. Soon find themselves confronted with
things they were not expecting. Nor did they think they were buying nothing more but a home. However they soon
found that the new home they purchased came with much more than met the eye. I was called to come over and see
if anything could be done. The young daughter in the home has started playing games with someone called Amy.
Amy gets around quite a bit. Soon she was moving things. Seen moving in and out of rooms. Things disappeared and
then re appeared in other places. Then she started to push people, and sneak up and touch individuals as in pulling
hair and pushing or brushing against them. Then as things heated up in the constant attacks of Amy. That a new and
darker individual appeared. Feeling much dread and being very uncomfortable in the family, I was called in. These
took place mostly in the day time, and some what at night.

I took perhaps 50 or more pictures in the home. These are the ones before the cleansing attempt. This is one of the
pictures taken then which clearly shows something in a window looking in. I do not know what it is, nor do I care to
make a guess.

The children were taken over to their grandparents home on the day of the exorcism. They did not know what was
going to take place. We started out in the lower half of the home. Each room a Prayer and Blessing was made, oil
was placed on the doors.  As we went along you could feel the air was charged and something was happening.

I must put in here at this point that not one exorcism is the same as any other. They are all different, as night is from
day and one day to another.

Going through the entire home was no problem, things went well until the last room, South end, East side. Upon
entering the room, I saw a bed against the east window and a young lady sitting on the bed looking out the window.  I
could see she was watching children outside playing in the street below. I felt a great sadness all around. I knew what
I was seeing did not exist, nor were there children out side. I have found Amy the girl who played games with the
families daughter. I have found the prankster who moved things around and ran from room to room. I have found the
young lady that took joy in pushing, pulling or sneaking up on people to startle them, then to just vanish. I have found
a room full of sadness, dread and fear. Upon Praying and Blessing the door and the room, Amy had moved to the last
place in the home she could. It was in the closet in this room that I confronted one of the saddest, fearful and dread
filled entities I have ever met. As I placed the oil above the door and began
to Pray, I was over whelmed with a sadness I can not even speak of. It was dark and lonely, it was an empty  and
sorrow filled  room. I was enveloped all about, almost to suffocate if possible in a feeling of sadness. As I finished
and the room lit up, the darkness fell away and the sad girl who sat upon the bed. Looking out to the children who
in some time past played in the street below. Amy was gone.

This is the first time I ever had this type of feeling come over or around me. I had to get out of the room and in the
hallway I caught my breath, I had to leave  the area.

Amy is gone and so is the problems. When the children came back from the grandparents home. Nobody said
anything about what had transpired. Nothing about anything at all. Several days later the young daughter of the
family came in and asked her mother, 'Where is Amy, mom'? She is not here to play with me. This both confirmed the
Exorcism worked, and confirmed that there was an Amy, but now she is gone.

                A letter from the family to authenticate the above will soon be available.
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When my youngest child was only a couple months old, his crib was beside my bed and my other child
was sick and he was two, he was laying in bed with me, and my husband was on the couch. I was awakened
by a surge of energy. I felt it coming down the hall. It woke me up and I looked at the crib. I felt them before
they came into the room. It was two spirits dressed as monks, hooded brown robes and they had someone
with them. I don't know who, I just felt another presence. I jumped up and ran after them and they disappeared.
Shortly after that my husbands grandmother died. I like to think maybe I chased of his deceased grandfather
who was here to meet his grandma's spirit when she crossed over. Just stopping by to see his grandchildren
he had never met. I have no idea, but it is nice to try to explain this stuff to my conscious mind so that it
kinda makes some kind of sense. I don't know, but this it true.

Many times I have seen shadow people. They walk across a room. Then disappear. For a while one was
at my house, I assume it was always the same one. It showed up mostly at night and walked from my master
bedroom into the kitchen. One would wake me up at night, every night. It felt as if it was trying to suffocate
me. I thought I was dreaming but I felt in on my chest. That one moved on finally after months.
I think if they know you know they are there they stay around. I mostly ignore them anymore, it comes and
goes. I have a note pad on my refrigerator that one would flip through. I had one pop newspaper up like
someone would put their hand under a flat piece of newspaper end flip it up end make a pop noise.
I have many times smelled perfume, once strongly before a relative died. I have smelled cigarettes and
cigars with certain ones too. I find dimes everywhere. In my dryer, washer, on the floor, in my make up bag,
even in my pockets of the pants I am wearing, that I didn't put there. It is always dimes.
Below is a picture taken from across the stairwell on the
second story landing leading to the rest of the home.
After the pictures were processed, I discovered to my
total amazement. Something outside the
second story
window, looking in. After a through examination of the
picture, it has been determined that the object is outside.
This is prior to the exorcism to remove the problems
which were plaguing the home owners.

The object in the picture has been identified as one of
the many things which has been seen in the home.

Pictures are not retouched or changed in any manner.
The object was not in the camera view sight when the
picture was taken.

The Digital camera can take a much wider field of light
frequencies than the human eye can see. It then
interprets the captured image into a visual that we see.
I do love my camera. It proves the sanity of many.
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