Recent trip to Tombstone, AZ

Spent two days and two nights in the area.

Took no equipment other than two Digital Cameras. Effective radiant camera visibility is Ultraviolet Spectrum through
the Infrared regions and all colors in between to include visible light.

I chose one camera and use it exclusively for the shots.

I used no flash for the night pictures.

I depended on the Infrared and any visible light for pictures from ambient sources at night shots.

I have found that
using flash with night pictures results to often in 'ORBS' being recorded.
When using no flash, there are no orbs. If any orbs or other phenomena shows up it will be recorded of its own light.
And yes I have seen 'ORBS' but they are not the small white spots on pictures. Which I see so plentiful on the web

I watched as others around me took night shots with flash and they all had 'ORBS'. Amazing!

Pictures below are taken at about 9:00 PM in tombstone on July 23, 2010 with no flash.
This is to test and prove that the Photographic equipment is capable of taking pictures in the dark. Which by these
pictures seem to show the equipment is capable.

I plan on returning to Tombstone with magnetic/voltage sensors. Light sensing equipment in the Ultraviolet through
the Infrared regions. Other recorders and Voltage Field receivers as needed.

I am using flash less Digital pictures because I do not believe that you need to find a ghost in the dark. Using Infrared
lights and what not. Then use a flash on the camera to take its picture. If it is there, you will get the better picture by
using no flash to wash out scene. No flash, no flash return in windows or other reflective structures. No infrared lights
to cause other reflective glare or spots to confuse any photographs.

Of the three hundred shots I took, I have yet to locate any 'GHOST' or other anomaly in the pictures which can not be
explained by normal events.

However, when I return I will be set up to photograph, hear, sense, or other wise record any anomalies, phenomena
which may be present under almost any circumstance.
Photo above was taken by conventional means. Showing how dark it is
in Tombstone around 8:45 PM.
Pictures below are taken while I explore the Digital Camera sensitivity settings.
More to come.


James Garner
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Photo above was first try at night shot with no flash.