Exciting research into T.E.N.S UNITS.

Pain reduction therapy.

When applied
correctly the TENS unit will reduce pain all the way to
eliminating it. Depending on the type and cause of the pain.

Pain can be reduced or eliminated for many hours after usage.
TENS unit can be worn while doing everyday business at home or the office.
Proper application of a TENS unit worn during work will and can give you the
freedom to move and accomplish task.

The TENS unit, unlike the  MAGNETIC therapy can be used all day or when needed.
You do not need another person to apply the TENS unit. Unlike Magnetic therapy
which requires two people.

The TENS unit is not without possible complications.
Improper use can cause burns.
Improper use can lead to serious problems up to and including  

The magnetic therapy gave me some freedom from pain.

However the TENS unit gives me greater freedom. To do daily items, such as go to
the store and not have to sit down every 15 feet.

It is not the perfect answer to pain control. It is however the best I have found yet.
It does not have the side effects as medication pain relievers do.

More information coming soon.

The TENS experimentation has produced, like the Magnetic experimentation, some interesting things.

One of the most significant items is that it actually stopped or reduced pain or the sensation of pain to
a great degree. In fact more relief from the TENS UNIT than from Hydrocodone and Naproysn. Even
when combined together, or in differing combinations with and including Gabapentin.

This does not mean or intend for you to drop your medication and run out to slap on a TENS UNIT.
For some reason, and I suspect it is electrode placement, the TENS UNITS do not seem to work for
everyone. Just as magnetic application only seems to work for about 50% of the people who try it.
The same ratio of about 50% is helped by the TENS UNIT. While 50% find no change in pain level.

However for serious pain, like that which comes with Spinal Stenosis. The TENS UNIT is an economical
additive to your medications. If it works for you, it is also without side effects.
Other than burning yourself, or getting a rash like irritation. Over use can cause even more pain as it
continues to go deeper and wider in the area it is applied to. The longer it is used, the more the intensity
must be turned up to continue to feel the tingling effects.

I have tried it and I have over cooked myself. Causing a more deeper pain (with burns) than I had before
the application. After leaving the unit off for a day I found that the deeper pain left and that I actually felt
pretty good. I have found that the TENS UNIT helps relieve the pain. I feel that it dropped the pain level
from a 10 to a 8 with just a 20 to 30 minute application.

Even  though the pain is not completely removed. It is much more tolerable at 8 than at 10. I use the
TENS UNIT to drop the pain to a level that I can actually go shopping, as long as I have a shopping
cart to lean on. Without the TENS UNIT I can not make it to the end of the parking lot, much less
get into the store and shop without stopping or sitting down for a while.

Depending on what kind of pain you may have. The TENS UNIT can reduce the pain dramatically.
Without the side effects that medication can and will give you.

I must use my medications in conjunction with the TENS UNIT. The TENS UNIT has not freed me from
them. The TENS UNIT has helped to a greater extent in controlling the pain level. Helps to block the pain
path so I can at least get out of the house, even for a short time. I am currently using a TENS UNIT at
work. It allows me to help control the pain. However it is still with great effort that I complete the day.
Sometimes leaving work bent over with hands on my knees, almost crawling to the vehicle to get home.
I still must sit and rest after going over 50 feet or so, however the rest period is shortened greatly in order
to be able to continue on. If need be I can turn the TENS UNIT up significantly, knowing it will cause a
burn, then I can attempt to finish my assigned duties.

If I did not have the TENS UNIT I would not be able to continue working. I know I could not go on a
shopping trip to the store, as I tried. I ended up sitting the event out on a bench. The TENS UNIT has
given me a chance to finish up some unfinished business.

I know I am living a lie about my ability to move around. The TENS UNIT has allowed me to live this
lie for just a little longer. I know that one day even the TENS UNIT will not be able to help me. What I
mean by living a lie is this. I know that the TENS UNIT is keeping the pain level down only in my mind.
As the TENS UNIT blocks the pain path. I can get around somewhat better. However the real question is.
What am I doing to myself?  Moving around, when under normal conditions. I could not. Am I causing
even greater damage to my self or not?

Even with the TENS UNIT the pain level grows more each day. The ability to get around gets harder and
harder. The recovery period between moving around then resting is becoming longer each week. The
medications seem not to do anything now, but I know they must be doing something.

So I can tell you that the TENS UNITS do work. Depending on your type and cause of pain. The TENS
UNIT could drastically reduce or even eliminate your pain. Ask your Doctor or Therapist about the usage
of a TENS UNIT in controlling or helping to reduce your pain.

I only wish I had know about the TENS UNIT several years ago. It would have helped a lot.

More to come....

as others report on the usage of the TENS UNITS on their pain.
You can kill or seriously cause your self injury using a TENS unit.
Just a note: With four points of contact (2 channels X 2 Electrodes) at 80 ma produced deep burns in tissue
and surrounding area. It took 6 weeks to heal up to the point that itching was not a big problem. Area is still
sensitive to touch and some itching. Be careful using the TENS Unit. Do NOT Over do application.
July 2007 update.

After all the experimentation and testing and actual application of the TENS Unit. I have come to the conclusion, as
others have, that the usage of a TENS Unit is for temporary usage only. I try not to use the TENS Unit unless I
absolutely  must. Then use it only for as long as necessary to accomplish the task before me at the time. The severity
of  the burns you can get from over usage of the TENS Unit is very painful. The TENS Unit is great to apply when
lying down at the end of the day. To  help ease the pain and help you to get some much needed rest. For not much
longer than 30 to 60 minutes, depending on pain and control settings for the applied voltage.
I take one with me where ever I go. If needed I can apply it almost at any time and get some relief from the back
pain until I can get home to lie down. It is a great, TEMPORARY, fast pain relief device, which has no side effects
as medication does. It does have the potential of causing bad, deep burns in tissue. These heal very slowly too.

Make sure the electrodes you use are of good quality. If they are contaminated with heavy metal or chemicals
you will deposit that material inside your skin. Possibly causing yourself considerable complications.


I survived the doctors trying to take me out. One tried with an overdose of Allopurinol.
The pharmacist called me up in the middle of the night to warn me of the dangerous levels of medication the doctor
was prescribing to me. When the pharmacist called the doctor to validate dosage he had written out. He denied that
he told me to take the medications. However the prescription was in his hand writing and from his stationary
prescription pad. That doctor has since disappeared and is not in the office location that he had been located at.
I currently have no idea as to location of this individual.

In October of 2007 I started to feel odd. I went to my primary physician. Who sent me to the emergency room. I was
in  some  sort of cardiac de fib condition. After being stabilized, I was sent to see the best cardiologist in the state.
(Big deal)  Who  told me in front of a witnesses too. That all men over the age of 55 have this only they are to stupid to
realize it. His words not mine. He chastised me for taking vitamins, laughed and made fun of me because I have arthritis
and can not get out to  walk  like he thinks  I should. So I left thinking there is nothing to worry about.

Now one year later, heartbeat at about 35 and PVC'S numbering over 50,000 per day. That is correct the number is
over fifty thousand PVC events every 24 hours.  

Cause of problem, thyroxine poisoning. I was on thyroid medication because my thyroid had died. However as I
conquered  the pain and slowly rid myself of the swelling and associated pain. My thyroid started back up. Normal
thyroid  and  added thyroxine replacement medication caused the current medical problem.

I am adding this here to let you know. If your in real pain, it can shut down your thyroid. If you go on thyroid
supplement medication. Then the pain subsides or is lessened to any great extent. Your thyroid may start back
up and you will have heart related problems.

This is a warning, be careful. Have your thyroid checked often if in pain. If in doubt get another opinion
and or another doctor. It is your life and your well being.