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A funny thing happened on the way to the ..........

I am sure you have heard that before. Well here is one strange thing I encountered on my way to capture the HUM.

At 58.8 Hz hid just underneath the common 60 cycle power frequency. I bumped into a strange thing.

I found a repeating signal. 58.8 Hz. (Close as I can get for now on frequency might be 58.5 Hz.). Modulated by a 6.6
Hz signal. I can  guess that the 6.6 HZ (or 6.5 Hz.) is used as a multiplexer. With the proper frequency de multiplexer
circuits any information inside the 58.8 Hz can be retrieved with little effort.

I looked inside the 58.8 Hz and guess what I found?

You can see the results below. Pictures with Audio links and a video link.

Though this is not part of the HUM frequency that I am looking for. I am sure that it plays a roll in some of the reports
we get back as HUM complaints. It has the similar diesel engine rumble and it is further modulated by the 6.6 Hz.

That combination should make it just miserable to any one who can perceive the signal. Mixed with the HUM and it
should be a nightmare.
This is 16 seconds of
recorded 58.8 Hz signal that
I found 'hidden' just below
the 60 cycle power
Here the horizontal gain is
amplified by a factor of 15.

You can see the repeating

It is beginning to look like it
has start and stop points.

Looks like a signal one
would find at a modem.
Here the horizontal factor is
at X 25

Look at the data contained
between what I think is a
stat and stop bit.
Another slice of data flow.

Look at the wave forms
Another look at the Data
inside the 58.8 Hz signal.
Links below go to Audio slices and Video slice.  58.8 Hz signal
To Video 58.8 Hz
Original capture 58.8Hz
Clean Signal 58.8 Hz.
Sounds  like the 'HUM' without the
bit stops
More Audio 58.8 Hz
You tell me, Your guess is as good
as mine on this one.
Strange and Spooky
Baud or Bit Rate
October 30, 2008
VLF reception 650 PM
The more I work with this odd ball signal, the more I become suspicious.  My question is, is this the old 'HUM' that I
have learned to love? Is it moved closer to the 60 cycle power frequency, to be better hidden?  Or is this just an
anomaly in the spectrum? I will know more as I prepare to go lower in frequency and look around.
By the way. If this is the new and better hid 'HUM'. Someone needs a refund on their equipment. I found it with no
problem at all.

September 30, 2008.

The Red and Blue traces are the
same signal. Only the Blue is
inverted so as those who are left
brained can see the repeating
signal in the wave forms.
After much consideration and experimentation.
I am going to take the time to build the VLF Receiver circuits.
Torque converted 'HUM' receiver.
Magnetic 'HUM' Receiver.
More to come