Magnetic Therapy
MAGNETS             HEALING                  PAIN      

Some real interesting items came up. Magnetic therapy. Does it work? Can you use
magnets at home and save expense. What kind of magnets can you use? Do they
have to be any special kind? What strength does my magnet need to be? Where
can I purchase magnetic material for use in pain management and experimental
healing? Are there dangers involved in the use of magnetics?

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This is a good place to purchase magnets.
Do Magnets help pain, and other ailments?

The answer to that question is yes, but :
with a lot of attachments. Not attachments to the magnet. A lot of attachments to how it is used, by whom, when, where
and a great amount of variables to magnetic use.

Rule  one
Do not use the magnets if you have a pacemaker or other electronic device implanted or placed on or near your
body for support.

Rule two
Do not use the magnet to substitute good medical practice from a competent doctor.

Rule three
No matter what anyone says. The magnetic therapy is not a cure all, nor does it work for everyone in the same
manner. While one person will show dramatic improvement in muscle pain. Another person will not show any
improvement at all and may have worse pain with magnetic therapy.

Rule four
Always use a good quality, high strength magnet. Those magnets you can get at the discount store, or the ones
that you find in toys for the kids will
NOT WORK. You will need a strong magnet.  Good magnets are very
dangerous to have around. They can cause great physical damage to property and to ones body. They can
cause severe damage and trauma to hands, fingers and body parts which could get caught between the magnet
and metal surfaces. Magnets of this type can and will destroy computers, televisions, and some other types of
electronic devices. If the magnet becomes attached to a metal surface, it will become next to impossible to remove.
If the magnet is used around electronic devices containing coils of wire as in transformers and chokes. The magnetic
flux of the magnet can induce unwanted operation and or electrical currents in the device.

To put it in a nut shell, Magnetic therapy may work for you. However it is not without hazard. Magnets of this
nature are dangerous in many ways.
What I have found out about Magnetic Therapy Theory

It takes two (2) people to properly apply the magnetic. I have found that by using the magnetic by
rubbing it over or on the area in question. That some how the magnetic field makes a circuit loop
back to its self by going through the body and back into its self. It only afforded a minor amount of
pain  relief. With one (1) person applying the magnetic to them self.

When two (2) people apply the magnet. One (1) lying down, the other using only one hand and not in
contact with the subject. Other than contact through the magnet. Then the applied relief is very
noticeable. The properly applied magnetic therapy lasted for about 6 hours of pain relief for every
hour of application of the magnet.

Also noticeable is the therapy actually put the subject and the person applying the magnet over or on
the affected area, both fell asleep. This was accomplished over many test all proving the same
outcome. Properly applied magnetic therapy works wonders. It is also very relaxing. To the point that
it seems,  by experimentation, to put both subjects to sleep.

Magnetic Therapy shows excellent results. One hour of application gave about 6 hours of relief,  
to some extent, of pain discomfort.

However, unless you have someone with you to re apply the magnetic when you need it. Your out of
luck as when it is applied by yourself to yourself. The magnet seems to do poorly or with only very
little results when applied by ones self to the area in question.

Placing the magnetic in clothing, in pocket, or any semi stationary place led to great discomfort. It
seemed to cause the surrounding area around the magnet to feel heavy, and sore. To the point of
feeling like a large bruise or damaged part of the skin and deeper in the surrounding tissues. These
feelings of discomfort came on after about 5 hours of stationary or semi stationary application, No
relief was noticed at all using stationary magnetics.

This leads me to question such items as bracelets and belts with magnetics in them. Most likely the
magnetics that come with such items, as belts and bracelets, etc.
Must have very weak magnets in them.

If you are suffering from MIGRAINES or MIGRAINE TYPE HEADACHES.
These magnets seem to focus or move the pain around and to one place which can and has proven to
be less than satisfactory or made the pain worse.

So magnetic therapy does work. It is however not very usable if you go to work, or are in a place  
where application would not be easy. It takes two (2) people to properly apply the magnetic.

However I still do and continue to use magnetics as possible

More info to follow
Wonder Magnets


I survived the doctors trying to take me out. One tried with an overdose of Allopurinol.
The pharmacist called me up in the middle of the night to warn me of the dangerous levels of medication the doctor
was prescribing to me. When the pharmacist called the doctor to validate dosage he had written out. He denied that
he told me to take the medications. However the prescription was in his hand writing and from his stationary
prescription pad. That doctor has since disappeared and is not in the office location that he had been located at.
I currently have no idea as to location of this individual.

In October of 2007 I started to feel odd. I went to my primary physician. Who sent me to the emergency room. I was
in  some  sort of cardiac de fib condition. After being stabilized, I was sent to see the best cardiologist in the state.
(Big deal)  Who  told me in front of a witnesses too. That all men over the age of 55 have this only they are to stupid to
realize it. His words not mine. He chastised me for taking vitamins, laughed and made fun of me because I have arthritis
and can not get out to  walk  like he thinks  I should. So I left thinking there is nothing to worry about.

Now one year later, heartbeat at about 35 and PVC'S numbering over 50,000 per day. That is correct the number is
over fifty thousand PVC events every 24 hours.  

Cause of problem, thyroxine poisoning. I was on thyroid medication because my thyroid had died. However as I
conquered  the pain and slowly rid myself of the swelling and associated pain. My thyroid started back up. Normal
thyroid  and  added thyroxine replacement medication caused the current medical problem.

I am adding this here to let you know. If your in real pain, it can shut down your thyroid. If you go on thyroid
supplement medication. Then the pain subsides or is lessened to any great extent. Your thyroid may start back
up and you will have heart related problems.

This is a warning, be careful. Have your thyroid checked often if in pain. If in doubt get another opinion
and or another doctor. It is your life and your well being.