Ionic Silver Research

Does it work?
I asked that same question and then started to research this subject for about a year.
First I purchased Ionic Silver form a health food store. Tried it out for several months and could not tell
if it did or did not do anything. It came in a blue plastic bottle. With a dropper. Stated on label that the
concentration was at 3ppm. This cost just under $20.00 for a 4oz bottle.

After considerable research, I found that Ionic Silver, looses its Ionic state in plastic very quickly. In other words, as it ages the
silver particles simply fall out of solution. It is no good for use as you will have to empty out the bottle and lick the bottom of the
container to get any silver which may have been in solution.

The next item was results from independent labs testing various brands of Ionic Solution. For the most part, many of the Ionic
Solutions had far less Silver in them or  in some cases no Silver in the solution. Just water. I can only guess that the brand I
purchased had far less or no Silver in the solution I used. This is based on the fact that I used the product for several  months,
and nothing happened.

So I put together a device to make my own Ionic Silver solution. I used a laser to monitor ion concentration. I purchased
the finest pure 99.99 silver I could get. (That set me back on my heels). I set the laser to read reflected light from the
Ionic particles in solution. I set the solution to come out as mild, medium, and heavy concentrations.

The mild solution comes out basically clear. The laser however shows there is something in the water. The medium comes out
somewhat yellow in nature with a definite collated laser beam seen through the solution. The heavy comes out a very deep
golden yellow with a sharp laser beam clearly seen in the solution.

After creating the solution, I settled for the medium solution to begin my experiment. I made a little over a pint for the trial.
Storing it in a dark blue container made of glass in a quiet dark cabinet.

I first put the solution on a possible melanoma spot on my arm. Out here in the high desert, every one gets skin cancer, to some
degree. At first, nothing. Then one day I notice the spot was gone. It just was not there nor could I tell where it had been.
I am not convinced. So I start taking one drop in the morning, and one drop  in the evening each day, under my tongue.

Everyone at work and home, grand kids, my daughter and her husband started coming down with the Flu and colds going around.
I increased the dosage to two or three drops in the morning and evening. I did not get the Flu, nor the colds, no sore throat, not
even a stuffy nose.

I increased the dosage. Now I use an atomizing mist sprayer to spray the solution on my arms, hands, face neck and several good
sprays into my mouth every day, morning and evening. I take a spray bottle to work. I spray the coffee handle, water fountain
spigot, bathroom and kitchen facet handles, commode seat, commode handles, door knobs and control units. I spray the
solution onto every surface I can where everyone has contact with during the day. All illness at work has dropped considerable.
We are not passing every cold and sore throat back and forth now as we did in years past.

At home my wife has started to take the Ionic Silver solution now. She also noticed how refreshing it makes you feel when you
spray it on your face and neck. She also is not getting all the little colds that the grand kids seem to bring around.

Other items of interest. That I can verify.
Woman with a rash above her lip, red, itching and no relief from items purchased or from doctors to help the rash.
She sprayed the Ionic silver on her lips and the rash. Within minutes the itching stopped. Within the week the rash
simply went away.

Toothache. Placed several drops on bad tooth. Pain went away, not like over the counter pain relievers. It did not
numb the area, the pain just subsided.

Dog and cat fight. Dog was in battle with cat. Lots of blood, cuts and bites. Bleeding badly from several places around
eyes, nose and feet. Sprayed the Ionic Solution on the wounds. Bleeding stopped very quickly. The animal showed no
signs of pain. All areas healed up very quickly.

Another lady sprayed her office and surrounding area with the Ionic Solution. Reports that the air is very fresh
smelling and she has not caught the colds and bugs passing around from one person to another. She too is starting
to take the solution under her tongue.

Brother in law, starting to get a sore throat. Used Ionic Silver. The pain subsided and no sore throat ever developed.

Dog with rash from collar rubbing skin and possible infection at area. Sprayed Ionic Silver on the rash area. The dog
stopped scratching area. Rash and signs of infection cleared up over night.

I am amazed at how well the product works. It seems to kill
bacteria, viruses and keep surfaces sprayed, free from them for days.
It will take some considerable research to do the
Ionic Silver any justice. At least from where I stand. I can say that it works, and I
intend to  keep using it. This is the first year I have
not caught the Flu, no colds, not even the expected yearly sore throat.

As a passing note. I remember when as a child, we purchased silver solutions as nose drops and eye drops. Over the counter.

Bear in mind that I am not claiming any special healing powers, nor any special medical powers for IONIC SILVER
solutions or compounds.

I am only sharing with you what I know about IONIC SILVER, and what I have seen it accomplish. I can produce
the people who have used it.

If your are allergic to Silver or Silver compounds, then do not purchase or try this Solution.

December 2006.

From January 2006 to present.  I have only had one almost stuffy nose. Hay Fever did not seem to
give me any problem at all. If it did it was so minor I did not notice, as compared to the years before.  I almost caught a sore
throat this fall as I had slacked off taking the Silver solution daily. However, as soon as I started getting that scratchy feeling in
my throat area, I began taking the Silver solution again. I never did get the sore throat, cold and complications that others were
experiencing at the beginning of the cold weather.  I use it as an after shave spray also. I do not get the rash, razor burn, itchy
skin feelings after shaving now.  I have noticed that any nicks or small razor cuts, when sprayed, stop bleeding almost
immediately.  I use it on scrapes and abrasions, which I did notice that if Ionic Silver is applied to a large area of damaged
tissue, it seems to cause some burning and slight pain. The burning and pain subside quickly and the area will heal with no
other complications. Healing is faster in areas that are treated with the Ionic Silver solution.

More information to come on other test as I get them compiled.

Current update on Ionic Silver.
July 2007
No colds, no flu, no illness to speak of. Only problem that Ionic Silver has not corrected
is the arthritis problem. No infections, no adverse problems from using the Silver solutions.
I even tried it on the fish tanks when the fish caught some bug of sorts. I poured about 3 oz.,
into the tank. I expected the fish to die. Instead they became healthy and now have reproduced
from just a few ill fish to a tank filled with probably 100 fish. The Silver Solution even made the
water crystal clear.

Be careful, over dose will kill all of your fish.

December 2008 update.

Still no physical illness as colds, flu or sore throats. In fact (knock on wood) I have forgotten what it is like
to be sick. The Silver Solution is doing a great job.

I survived the doctors trying to take me out. One tried with an overdose of Allopurinol.
The pharmacist called me up in the middle of the night to warn me of the dangerous levels of medication the doctor
was prescribing to me. When the pharmacist called the doctor to validate dosage he had written out. He denied that
he told me to take the medications. However the prescription was in his hand writing and from his stationary
prescription pad. That doctor has since disappeared and is not in the office location that he had been located at.
I currently have no idea as to location of this individual.

In October of 2007 I started to feel odd. I went to my primary physician. Who sent me to the emergency room. I was
in  some  sort of cardiac de fib condition. After being stabilized, I was sent to see the best cardiologist in the state.
(Big deal)  Who  told me in front of a witnesses too. That all men over the age of 55 have this only they are to stupid to
realize it. His words not mine. He chastised me for taking vitamins, laughed and made fun of me because I have arthritis
and can not get out to  walk  like he thinks  I should. So I left thinking there is nothing to worry about.

Now one year later, heartbeat at about 35 and PVC'S numbering over 50,000 per day. That is correct the number is
over fifty thousand PVC events every 24 hours.  

Cause of problem, thyroxine poisoning. I was on thyroid medication because my thyroid had died. However as I
conquered  the pain and slowly rid myself of the swelling and associated pain. My thyroid started back up. Normal
thyroid  and  added thyroxine replacement medication caused the current medical problem.

I am adding this here to let you know. If your in real pain, it can shut down your thyroid. If you go on thyroid
supplement medication. Then the pain subsides or is lessened to any great extent. Your thyroid may start back
up and you will have heart related problems.

This is a warning, be careful. Have your thyroid checked often if in pain. If in doubt get another opinion
and or another doctor. It is your life and your well being.

I am glad that I have the Silver solution to keep me from coming down with every cold, flu and sickness
that comes around. I feel that if I did not have the Silver to keep the illnesses at bay, I would be having a
real bad time.



Latest Flu scare passed us by with no illness. No colds, no sore throats, nothing.


No flu, did not get the flu shots for swine flu. No colds, nothing. The Silver solutions
do a great job at keeping illness away. Currently using about 1or 2 ounces at 10 PPM
per month in spray applications.

I have found a solution which has relieved my arthritis pain about 90%. I have removed almost all of
the resultant swelling. Most pain is gone, mechanical problems causing pain is still present. What a
relief. This solution is under the DMSO heading on the index page.


The Silver solution has allowed me to not get any Flu or colds, in fact nothing at all in the way of
illness. Now it is December 31, 2011 and a year has past with not any illness at all.
I am ready for 2012 and will purchase more 99.999% Silver for more production.

For the record, most of my problems are from encounters with doctors. It seems that what
ever they prescribe for me is more damaging than the illness (in this case arthritis complications).

I have began to notice that if you can not tell the doctor what is wrong with you. They ( the doctor )
will not have a clue to your problem either. Resulting in a series of unless test to see what you may have.
Which only results in a high laboratory fees for testing.

So take note: Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Looking forward to 2012.

No colds, Flu or anything. Meanwhile the wife had (3) Three bad colds.


No Colds, Flu, nothing.
While wife now has had  (2) Two colds.
Everyone seems sick with respiratory infections, flu, colds and sore throats.


No cold, flu, nothing. While wife was ill several times with various stomach and flu symptoms.

Hints on Silver. Make it yourself to control quality. Use only high quality pure ingredients. Do not
rush the production of Silver solutions. Take 8 hours to make a quart or more at about 10 ppm.
Store it in very dark glass containers in a quiet dark area.
If you wish to try the Silver Solution, I will be glad to help you make it yourself.
I will tell you how, where to get the finest Silver, and what you need to produce the solution.