In all fairness to those involved at the time. I will leave out names and companies.
Yet I must tell of the many and various things that went on during the research.
Some are funny and some are not so well taken, but all went into the search for

It is not an easy thing to do cutting edge research on any thing. It leaves scars on both the
physical and emotional man.


Very early in the beginning of the research phase. I had yet not heard the 'HUM' and I was suspicious of those who did. At first I felt that I was working with
some odd characters. However, later on after I listened to one of the recordings I had made of the Anomaly, I too began to hear the 'HUM'.

Any way, at the beginning, we were brainstorming on possible causes of the problem. Listing all of the comments and how to go about researching to find a
solution. Since the 'HUM' (at the beginning) was heard best at night. We had all assembled at the home of one hearer. Many people were present,
representing all of the utilities, phone,electrical, gas, etc. Various curious individual were present. It was well after 11 pm. While going over the description
being given by  one of the hearers, of the 'HUM' as it was happening at the time. A kind of live translation if you will. We had a strange event. One of the utility
representatives started crying? Then stood up and repeated over and over and over the single word, 'NO'.  Still repeating the word 'NO' held his hands over
his head went out the door, down the steps, still shouting 'NO, NO'. Got into the vehicle he had came in and drove off into the darkness. We never saw him
again. The utility sent no more representatives to research the anomaly. This was perhaps the first victim of the 'HUM' here in New Mexico. Yet not the only
one, for as time went by, more and more people fell to mental and physical pressures of the 'HUM'.

Today as yesterday, more and more people are having mental and physical problems related directly or indirectly to the 'HUM'. I have researched large
groups of people for over a year. When 'HUM' levels are high, tensions among them ran high. Animals show a type of stress, restlessness in attitude too.

Thought you would like to know.


June 1991
How stupid can you get?

Be careful who you deal with

After running many test and evaluations on hundreds of sites  and subjects. I felt that we a needed a second opinion. The local city government authorised
spending  for a separate analysis. A company was contacted and notified of the research ongoing. They said they could do the job for a  $8000.00 fee. The
work needed to be accomplished during the night hours, perhaps running all night long. They agreed and would bring their own system of testing instruments.
They accomplished testing at four (4) other residents homes prior to coming to the original place of complaint.

On the night of the testing, we all met at the home in question. After discussing the venue for the evening. They set out with instruments to measure our
anomaly. After several hours of running around with a microphone trying to catch something on the oscilloscope they had linked to a spectrum analyzer.
I questioned their lack of response to background sounds. They assured me and the others that the Radio Shack microphone, costing about $14.00
was good enough. Upon examination of microphone we discovered to their dismay that it required a battery to operate. Frequency response was at 30Hz.,
to 20,000kHz. Not good enough for what we were looking for. They had been made aware of the type of equipment I was using. Also the fact that there was
no response to instrumentation when using audio, and vibratory sensors. They had recorded information from the previous four (4) residents with
in the microphone. They also refused to go back and redo the test with a battery in place. Without being paid another retention fee.

They put a battery in the microphone, after purchasing one from the local convenience store. Went about  gathering more data.
They showed me and the
others that there was no difference between the microphone with the battery or with out, with the
exception of background noise showing up in higher levels
of db.

The spectrum analyzer they used did not meet our needs, again not good enough. I was using a DC to +1GHz., response analyzer With custom made
sensors. Custom made electronics.

Now for the real funny part, please do not laugh as much as I did and still do.

They sent out a report several weeks later, and we all met at the original residence.
Now bear in mind that the first four residence tested with no battery  in the microphone.
By the way they referred to as a precision microphone. Based on the fact that it cost $14.00
instead of the economy $5.95 model.

Though they could not record anything at all, the following is the results taken from their test evaluation.

1. Structural resonance in home.

2. Exterior machine in vicinity running.

3. Appliances making noise. (even though electrical service had been
removed for one test). HEHE, LOL, SNICKER, SNORT.

Now for the ultimate analysis results given by this company.

To the residence of the original complaint. Where we all met.

Hold your short pants, here it comes.......

To the mother and her sons, who lived there.

They were told they needed an EXORCIST and a PRIEST.

Based on the fact that the person doing the research could not hear any 'HUM'.

Yes, it did stir up a hornets nest.


You wonder why I consider taking up smoking and drinking as a hobby?

Oh by the way.
I never charged to do this research. I footed my own cost.
For the thrill and chance to do cutting edge research.
Yes it was worth it.
Reactions to and from ‘HUM’ exposure

Typical symptoms of ‘HUM’ exposure, regardless, whether one ‘hears’ or does not claim to ‘hear’ the ‘HUM’.

Headache, restlessness, listless, feelings of uselessness, lost interest in daily activities, no interest in things that used to be very important,
undo anger or frustrations at or towards things or other people for no reason. Feeling of the need to be away from others. Clenching of jaw,
breaking and chipping of teeth, which seems to have come on suddenly. Cramps in muscles, twitching or muscle spasms in legs, arms,
eyelids,face that goes on for hours to days at a time. Which seems to come on suddenly for no reason. Vibrations or the feeling of vibrations
deep within the persons body. Burning or tingling sensations in spots on back, chest, legs, and arms, to include face Which seems to come
on suddenly for no reason. Deep pain in joints or just in one place which will come and go, then days or hours later show up in another location.

Loss of concentration, lack of detail to daily living or work. Forgetfulness, loss of concentration or line of thought. Forget what you were doing
right in the middle of doing something. Can not sleep at night, restless, pressure in neck, shoulders, back. Strange sounds or feelings.
Pressure in ears,inside or behind ears. Sound of bees swarming, or a far away motor running. Feelings of unhappiness, despair, and undo
worry about things that really do not matter.

Any combination in any of the above or any of the multitude of symptoms not mentioned above. You should consult a licensed physician to
insure you are not physically ill.

When you get a clean bill of health form the doctor.

You may consider yourself a victim of the ‘HUM’.