June 1991

Be careful who you deal with

After running many test and evaluations on hundreds of sites  and subjects. I felt that
we  needed a second opinion. The local city government authorised spending  for a
separate analysis. A company was contacted and notified of the research ongoing.
They said they could do the job for a  $8000.00 fee. The work needed to be
accomplished during the night hours, perhaps running all night long. They agreed and
would bring their own system of testing instruments. They accomplished testing at
four (4) other residents homes prior to coming to the original place of complaint.

On the night of the testing, we all met at the home in question. After discussing the
venue for the evening. They set out with instruments to measure our anomaly. After
several hours of running around with a microphone trying to catch something on the
oscilloscope they had linked to a spectrum analyzer. I questioned their lack of
response to background sounds. They assured me and the others that the Radio
Shack microphone, costing about $14.00 was good enough. Upon examination of
microphone we discovered to their dismay that it required a battery to operate.

Frequency response was at 30Hz., to 20KHz. Not good enough for what we were
looking for. They had been made aware of the type of equipment I was using. Also the
fact that there was no response to instrumentation when using audio, and vibratory
sensors. They had recorded information from the previous four (4) residents with no
battery in the microphone. They also refused to go back and redo the test with a
battery in place. Without being paid another retention fee.

They put a battery in the microphone, after purchasing one from the local
convenience store. Went about  gathering more data. They showed me and the others
that there was no difference between the microphone with the battery or with out,
with the exception of background noise showing up in higher levels of db.

They sent out a report several weeks later, and we all met at the original residence.
Now bear in mind that the first four residence tested with no battery  in the

Though they could not record anything at all, the following is the results taken from
their test evaluation.

1. Structural resonance in home.
2. Exterior machine in vicinity running.
3. Appliances making noise. (even though electrical service had been
removed for one test, not to mention it is now almost 1 AM.)

           Now for the ultimate analysis results given by this company.

To the residence of the original complaint. Where we all met.

To the mother and her sons, who lived there. They were told they needed an EXORCIST and
a PRIEST. Based on the fact that the person doing the research could not hear any 'HUM'.

Yes, it did stir up a hornets nest.

You wonder why I consider taking up smoking and drinking as a hobby?

In all fairness to those involved at the time. I will leave out names and companies.
Yet I must tell of the many and various things that went on during the research.
Some are funny and some are not so well taken, but all went into the search for

          It is not an easy thing to do cutting edge research on any thing. It leaves scars on both the physical and emotional.

                                              THE MAN WHO CRIED

Very early in the beginning of the research phase. I had yet not heard the 'HUM' and I was
suspicious of those who did. At first I felt that I was working with some odd characters.
However, later on after I listened to one of the recordings I had made of the Anomaly, I too
began to hear the 'HUM'.

Any way, at the beginning, we were brainstorming on possible causes of the problem.
Listing all of the comments and way to go about researching to find a solution.
Since the 'HUM' (at the beginning) was heard best at night. We had all assembled at the
home of one hearer. Many people were present, representing all of the utilities, phone,
electrical, gas, etc. Various curious individual were present. It was well after 11 pm.
While going over the description being given by  one of the hearers, of the 'HUM' as it was
happening at the time. A kind of live translation if you will. We had a strange event.
One of the utility representatives started crying? Then stood up and repeated over and over
and over the single word, 'NO'.  Still repeating the word 'NO' held his hands over his head
went out the door, down the steps, still shouting 'NO, NO'. Got into the vehicle he had came
in and drove off into the darkness. We never saw him again. The utility sent no more
representatives to research the anomaly. This was perhaps the first victim of the 'HUM' here
in New Mexico. Yet not the only one, for as time went by, more and more people fell to mental
and physical pressures of the 'HUM'.

Today as yesterday, more and more people are having mental and physical problems
related directly or indirectly to the 'HUM'. I have research large groups of people for over a
year. When 'HUM' levels are high, tensions among them ran high. Animals show a type
of stress, restlessness in attitude too.

Thought you would like to know.
                                                                           Comments and Notes

James Garner, Microwave Engineer
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dear Mr. Garner:

I read with interest the article in News week magazine about the Hum in Taos and your involvement with it. I am
in a similar predicament. I live near Harrisburg, PA, and hear a deep, low, hum that sounds like a far-off air
compressor, or like someone left a truck’s engine idling. Sometimes it lasts for days, sometimes for weeks.
Sometimes it’s quiet for a while. It’s most noticeable when I’m trying to sleep, and it’s annoying. My wife
doesn't hear it, and only a few of my friends hear it when I tell them what to listen for. When the sound is on, I
hear it throughout the Central Pennsylvania Area. I have tried to track down the source but it seems omni
directional. The Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, the Mechanicsburg Naval Depot, and the New
Cumberland Army Depot are all nearby. (I mention this because of the possible military connection mentioned
in the article.)
Does this sound like the phenomenon you are investigating? If you could send someone here to see if it’s the
same sound, or have me make a recording (if a device would record it) I’d be glad to cooperate. Also, if you
could send me any more information, and keep me posted on future developments, I’d appreciate it.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

NOTE personal identifiers removed


This is a typical letter I received from many people.
James Garner (not the actor) of Albuquerque New Mexico has constructed a hum detector based on a piezo
electric sensor. The recording he made of the hum, which I have heard is incredibly accurate and if verified
experimentally could prove to be the first actual recording of the actual hum which is not a simulation (such as
my simulation.) Sara        
E—mail from: Sara T. Allen, lO—Feb-

Please go to this site, if you have already not done so and read about the HUM and of the efforts put in by so
Thanks JG.

http://www.eski mo.com/’~biIb/freenrg/Sara .txt



SINCE THE 1950’S. In varying forms.

woman with graduate degrees, happily married, and four grandchildren," She has had a medical checkup,
including hearing, an offered no physiological reason or mental anomaly as the source of this experience.” She
believes that what she is experiencing is a very low earth vibratory frequency or ELF. Also, she is keeping a
journal. Has notes changes in intensity. One component has  pulse. She is bothered by nosebleed, and
balance problems. This started years ago in? the 80’s; however, have not heard it for some time now. She
was aware night. She comments on the survey test “I don’t hear it any more. I have to wonder if I would hear it if
I was where others are hearing it or if anyone near me now, hears it.” Describes “hum” as at “threshold of sound
or sense, like sound or vibrations generated by a motor or 1arge truck, constant. evading. annoying.” It was
not heard by her family. “Low pitch sound/vibration like emanation from some huge, far off environmental
generator/motor.” Most heard between the hours of after 8P.M. and before 9 A.M. Did not notice a variation
in the intensity. pitch, or tone; however, did not pulse on occasion. She could hear over ref., music, wind
and other. Sounded louder outside and evened to come in from the windows.

                     Started several years ago in her home. Her husband
                     does not hear. Sounds like a big motor running.
                     She feels the vibration and tremors, coming
                     from the floor. She has noticed that it does vary in
                     intensity pitch, and tone. Also, it is louder inside
                     than outside. Has consulted her physician and         
                     Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Doctor at
                     Mayo had heard of people with this problem, but did
                     not know what caused it.

Started in 1987 or 88 while laying in bed about  once a week, between 4 P.N. and R P.m.. This “hum”        
does not .really bother him. He is a retired  engineer. He believes it is tied to with the 11.5. Navy E.L.F.. His
wife does not hear The “hum” or feel the vibrations. Mattress serves an amplifier. At first he
had thought the bed vibrator was the “Hum”! the two sound very similar.

Started 10 to 15 years ago; actually, since,” I was a kid growing up in San Diego in the 1950’s.”  
It has accrued to her that perhaps the “hum” is now and was radio wave’s. “The hum now is much louder
now when living in ~4t. Shasta, Calif. in the latter part of 1989, at night, when living in the woods.” She is
aware of the “hum” every few days. after 8Pm”., and notices most when trying to sleep. Sounds like (now)
engine of 4. aircraft carrier. She also hears in Vancouver, Washington. She has noticed a pulse at times.
Patricia is not aware of hearing over ref., music, wind, and other. To her there is no difference between inside
and outside.

Started more than 2 years ago in home in Massachusetts He hears almost every day some. part of the day:
mostly after 8P.M.. Jeff states that it is worse in the winter. Says that “ the sound “travels right through the
pi1lows~ “ Sounds like” intermittent running generator in the distance.” “Some kind of pump that runs
underground. low, almost vibrating, irritating, sound.”

                  Started in early 1991, on the 3rd floor condo in  White Rock, BC Canada.
                  (Pacific Ocean view) White Rock is on BC/Washington State border; north of
                  Seattle, She hears all the time in. her home, both ground floor and 2nd. It is
                  more intense indoors; after 8P.M.. Sounds like large truck motor, running
                  continually, which causes “great pressure build-up in the ears.” Mrs.
                  has heard in “many areas of the Province, heard 1OO or more miles
                  from home, also, on the Northwest seacoast in  ENGLAND, in Lancaster
                  County.” “Summerland is  approx. 80 miles north of the U.S. border, roughly
                  above Omak, Wash., population of 8,500. It is mostly  vineyards, artisans
                  orchardists, and retirees.  Geologically it is composed of sandy  clay. Their
                  home is surrounded on 3 sides by hills, and on the 4th a lake. “Hum” is more
                  discernible at night. It does have a pulse. States that it does cause
                  headaches, tension, nosebleed.muscle spasm, eyestrain, inner ear  
                  pressure, balance problems, plus nausea and clenching the jaw. She did
                  contact her local Electrical Engineering Dept.—There was no assistance.

Started three years ago in 1992 while living in San
Bernardino, Calif.. She moved in i~94 to a small
town in southern Calif.: still hears it all the time,
after the hour of 8Pm.. She can hear inside or out,
when regular daily noises have subsided. Sounds
like a “semi diesel truck engine idling. Now and for
past several months or so, a1so hears a similar, not.
pulsating hz./hum in the right ear. says she has had
tinnitus since childhood. Family members do not hear.
The “hum” keeps her awake at night. Ear plugs do not help.

This problem started 2 yearn ago in her home in the bedroom. She hears some part of everyday, before
9 a. in. and after 8 p. in.. Has noted most when in bed. Sounds like a roll of thunder then a motor sound. She
has also noted that lines on the TV. wave around up and down and sideways in “sync” with the “Hum”. Also
aware of feeling the vibration. She has had an EKG and Cat-Scan; nothing.

Has been hearing and feeling the “Hum” for 8  years. States home near a earth fault line and near a
Army Base. She has moved 14 times. Noted that she hears between the hours of 9 p. m. and 5:30
a.m.. It is worse in damp and cold weather. She has noticed hearing just about everywhere. “Hum”
does change in intensity and level; sounds like a low drone with a high pitch ring at the same time.
Can at times have a beat or pulse/ painful. Noted that noise worse with full moon. She has tried
noise cancellation head sets to no avail. Has also tried auditory training to no avail. Since she
started noted the “Hum” she has had three growths and brain tumor removed/ abnormal cells of
unknown origin. She believes that it causes whole body vibration, creating a colitis type condition
and tissue loss. “This is a life threatening environmental problem.”

“Hum” started more than 2 years ago. He hears some part of everyday after 8 p.m. and mostly at night in
bedroom. Sounds like a low frequency in the left ear; feels like a dull numbing intense pain between eyes
and nose. He has heard in Welling, West Virginia. Can hear over ref., music, etc.; has heard outside.
Causes headaches, tension, muscle spasms, eyestrain, inner ear pressure. Has contacted Congressman
John Glen.

                     This problem started in 1988 in Woodbury, Minn.. They hear and feel the
                     vibrations all the time; mostly inside the house. Sounds like constant drone
                     with changes noted in frequency at times. They have heard basic “Hum” in
                     Minnesota, Calif., Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Have
                     noted sound to pulsate; does have more than one component. They can
                     hear in presence of ref., music, wind, and other. State that it cause
                     headaches, tension, muscle spasm, eye strain, inner ear pressure, and
                     balance problems. They have contacted their Congressmen.

Female who started hearing 20 years ago. Had HAVE  Several acoustical measurements done: a l7hz to
20hz was found. Sounds like a generator.  Have noted having heard in Arizona, California,
Oregon, Washington, She is aware of noise 24 hours a Day. Believes the source to be
electromagnetic/seismic activity. Started sensing 2 years ago, at home in kitchen. Aware of during all waking
hours everywhere in the home: more pronounced while using vacuum, microwave, etc.; sounds like a hum
along with a melody. Has ear pressure, feels vibrations, hum pulsates. Has not been 50 miles from home so
not aware of elsewhere.

             Started one to two years ago, at home, every few
             days, mostly when cold outside and no wind.
             Notices at night after going to bed. Sounds like
             a transformer pot. Has noted pulse. Lives 40 miles
             from Tinker Air Force Base. Also lives near high
             voltage line (7miles) and oil fields. Spent 20 years
             in the military which includes 2 years near Sub Base
             Bangor in Washington. State.

                    Started 6 months ago while watching television.
                    Body vibrates; she eats several cloves of garlic
                    which seems to help.
                    Husband in Canada and daughter in Michigan also
                    sense the “Hum”. She is aware of in her home.
                    Notices all the time; wakes her often. Sounds like
                    a constant buzz with, a higher .pitch at times. Feels
                    vibration and has noted a pulse at times. Husband
                    has sensed in Toronto. Ontario, Grand  Blanc, Michigan.
                    She has noted that it does change in pitch and tone
                    and ear pressure. Her husband is not bothered to the
                    degree that she is.  Started sensing in 1989, September.
                    The last two years have been the worst. She is aware
                    of it most of the time in her home; worst between the
                    hours of 6 p.m. and 5:30 am. (early morning hours)
                    Sounds like a P.A. system or electronic vibration, high
                    frequency. Seems to hear most everywhere she goes.
                    It does pulsate and has more than one component.
                    Noise can be heard over, wind, etc.. Aware of inside
                    more than outside. States that it causes headaches,
                    tension, inner ear pressure. Did contact professionals;
                    no help.
During these years they were millionaires that had their own ship and did a great deal of travel. He states that
some reports indicate that this is a resonance effect. He has noticed this when the vibration is in the 17 to 18
hertz level. It does have a pulse in the lower frequency  range, at times thumping. Can he hear it over the sound
of ref., music, wind, etc.. States that the “hum’ causes headaches, tension, nausea.

Started for her in 1988. in her home in Arcata. She no longer hears it. States that she felt it
was infrasound. It could be heard in buildings with cement slabs. Sounded like a diesel engine.
Stated that it caused headaches and tension. She had contacted several government agencies
to assist, which was of some help. The Beach Navel facility south of Humboldt Bay was nearby.
A couple of years ago it was decommissioned. Mrs.  sent a acoustical measurement reports .
measured (40 to 50 DB) ; ranges around 31 cycles per second (hertz); they are decreasing
readings © 62.5, 125, 250, and 500 hertz, which demonstrate a decrease expected w/ multiples
of a basic fundamental sound source. It is assumed that  is hearing some multiple of that
frequency; a harmonic which lies within the range of human audition. Frequencies in this range
of hearing are experienced as vibratory sensations.”

This is a sampling of the comments made on returned surveys. Some people were kind enough to send in

Any personal identifiers have been removed.