DMSO does help stop pain.

Information and formulas I compounded
will be inserted here soon.

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Dimethylsulfoxide (CH3)2SO

Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is the organosulfur compound  with the formula (CH3)2SO.
This colorless liquid is an important polar aprotic solvent that dissolves both polar and
nonpolar compounds and is miscible in a wide range of organic solvents as well as water.
It has a distinctive property of penetrating the skin very readily, so that one may taste it
soon after it comes into contact with the skin. Its taste has been described as oyster- or

Does it stop or reduce pain? The answer is yes.
Depending on the pain type. DMSO can relieve
the pain almost instantaneously. Deep pain
with swelling might take up to a few days to a week.

DMSO will not change any mechanical damage as
crushed, broken or bulged disk. DMSO will not change or
alter stenosis or bone problems as in arthritis.

DMSO will help to remove or greatly reduce the swelling and pain
associated with the problem. DMSO has a lasting residual from
application time of a few hours to days.

DMSO is absorbed directly into the skin. Caution is advised on
application technique. DMSO must not be applied over topical
medications or make up etc. Unless the topical application is
intended to inter the surrounding tissue and blood stream.

Any substance added to DMSO will go directly into the body
systems with in 20 seconds or so. After several minutes the whole
body will have been exposed  both internal and external to the
DMSO and any dissolved materials in it.
DMSO Experiments

I have know about DMSO for years. However due to its
solvent status I never really considered it for pain relief

Magnets work and work well, but application requirements
and the dangers of using high power magnets limit the use of
these helpful items.

T.E.N.S. Units
The electrical stimulus of the TENS unit works wonders for
pain. The TENS unit will remove pain almost immediately.
After 30 minutes of application the residual effect of the
TENS unit will remain for several hours or more. However, as
one uses the TENS unit more, the body builds up a tolerance
to it. Soon one must keep turning up the intensity until the
intensity and application time results in deep electrical burns
which heal slowly. Yet the TENS unit is a great unit to have
with you should you need immediate pain relief.

Herbal mixes.
These too work very well. I use them often. However they are
not something you can fix at a moments notice if you find
yourself in need. If used to often one can build up a tolerance
to these applications too.

So in order to find something that would relieve pain and
possibly reduce swelling. That would be long lasting. Easy to
apply. Easy to carry with you for unexpected problems.

I ordered a bottle of DMSO. Read all I could about it.
Researched as much information as I could get.

Started with arthritic knee. Sensitive to touch, swollen and
very painful to move. At first application. Did not notice much.
Next day I noticed pain had seemed to lesson. Several more
days of applications and soon there is no pain in the knee.
Most of the swelling has gone. No problem walking. Applied
to other knee. Walking and bending knees is not an issue as
it was before.

Same with arthritic wrist. Unable to move hand. Applications
took about a week. I have 90% movement back and can hold
a pencil and type once more. Pain is 80% gone. Swelling is
down greatly.

Bulged and broken disk, L5, L4. Blown out disk L5 on left
side pressing against spinal nerve trunk. Swelling and pain is
gone. Mechanical damage is still present. Relief is greatly
appreciated. Movement is restored very well. Very painful if
movement compresses or compromises disk area. But I am
up and walking.

Spinal stenosis
Mechanical pressure still present. Pain from swelling and
inflammation is down considerably. Still give me times of
trouble, mechanical problems. The pain and swelling causing
most of the problem is subsided.

Muscle pain, nerve pain, just pain pain all seem to be
relieved by DMSO.

I put the mixture into a small 2 Oz spray bottle. Easy to carry
and keep close by if needed.

Draw back. I am told I smell like fresh boiled corn on the cob.
Which is ok by me. As I am up and around. While just a
month or so before I was considering a wheel chair.

My formulations of DMSO will be put in here soon.

Everyone who has tried these formulas has found relief from
pain and swelling.

So far no problems.

More to come.