This page will be set up for the New Cave expedition, October 1994.

Sponsored by

The Berkley Group of Los Angles CA. Fox Network.

Television show titled.

News staff and for
the show

preparing for the
long walk, to the New
Cave located in
Slaughter Canyon.

October 10, 1994
At the entrance to
cave. It took almost
two hours to get to
this point.
Special permission to enter the Cave.

WE were escorted at all times while in the Cave.
After about 6hours of
walking into the cave.

We finally reached
the end.

I am setting up the
instruments for our
trip hoping to record
the 'HUM'.
sensors are truly
sensors are truly
home made.

Here is a magnetic 0
to 100Hz flux
vegetable can.

The can provides
safety to the
electronics and also
a cheap mode of
This unit in the black
box could detect a
Red Ant walking near

I used it to obtain
natural breathing or
natural structure
Much of the equipment pictured here was  
destroyed or missing after three vandalisms