Want or need Ionic Silver?

Not sure about the quality you purchase from over the WEB or from Your local retail outlet?

Not sure about quality or purity?

Not sure if you are getting Silver or just plain water?

If accelerators are used to produce the Ionic Solution faster it may harm your health.

If Sterling Silver is used, instead of high quality pure Silver, you could damage your nervous system.

Improper Ionic Solution creation can and will cause more damage than the problems you are trying to fix.

Many problems will show up only after months to years after you have taken contaminated products  as Ionic Silver

        Be careful, Be cautious, it is your life you may harm.
Coming soon.

You can make your own high quality Ionic Silver for less than a dollar a gallon. In fact it cost me about .70 cents to  create a gallon of Ionic
Silver Solution.  After 10 hours of process. I can end up with one (1) gallon of Ionic Silver at 10 to 15 PPM.
It is pure, it is safe, it is effective. You can make up stronger solutions. The 10 to 15ppm seems to work as well if not better than 50 PPM.

As soon as I can decide on diagrams or pictures or movies to show the set up and production of High Quality Ionic Silver. I will place the
information here.

Be aware that the initial set up will require some cash out put. However you can control the amount and even purchase the items at minimal
amounts to limit the cost.

You can use batteries or purchase a DC power supply. The DC supply will run about $100.00 dollars for a good one. The DC supply will
last almost indefinitely. While battery purchase will be at about $2.00 per battery. You will need three (3) batteries to do the process. Or one
(1) power supply.

The Silver you can purchase by the foot. Best deal is by the ounce and currently as of 11/07, one (1) oz of pure .999 Silver is $22.00 per 19
feet. 19 feet making up the ounce.  Plus shipping charge.

19 feet of Silver wire will create around 114 gallons of Ionic Silver Solution. Give or take depending on how it is made. I make up a quart
about every 4 to 6 months for the family. A little Ionic Silver goes a long way. So  do not make up more than you will use in any 6 month
period. That will assure good quality and a standard ppm per solution without settling or plating the glass bottles it is stored in. Use dark
blue, Cobalt Blue glass for best storage. Other bottle colors, most plastic bottles, will allow the Ionic Silver in the solution to plate the bottle
sides. If the solution plates out the remaining solution in the bottle looses ppm.

I do not sell any items for the production of IONIC SILVER.
I will have links to active sites that do sell the necessary items for you to use.
You can use them or not. I do not get any kick back nor perks from anyone.
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Silver Supplier
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